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Evergreen Structures, LLC, provides a solid base of expertise in all disciplines of mechanical, forensic, and structural engineering.

With many years of combined experience in evaluating and investigating claims and providing expert witness services, Evergreen Structures, LLC, Consulting Engineers for mechanical, forensic, structural engineeringis able to provide timely, accurate engineering analysis to determine the exact cause of failure. We bring together the needed experience in complementary fields to give our investigations the most accurate analysis and conclu-sions. We provide our clients with factual and accurate reports at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.

Some areas of consulting engineering services offered are as follows:

Structural Forensic Engineering



Evergreen Structures, LLC, has consulted with adjusters and private clients throughout the U.S. with a concentration in the Texas metropolitan areas of Austin, Midland, Odessa, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Waco, Houston and San Antonio.

Evergreen Structures, LLC, Consulting Engineers
 is a company of Ian G. Ray.



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