Engineering Services

As a full-service engineering firm, we provide a wide range of services.  This can include foundation analysis reports, structural evaluations, and design of new and remodeled structures.  These design and analysis services can be performed for residential and commercial structures.  Whether you’re looking to add an addition to your home or business, assessing a property for development, or looking for answers as to why a structure suffered damage, we can provide answers.

Having a Professional Engineer investigate areas of concern can help save you time and costly mistakes.

Forensic Engineering and Cause Analysis

Our team can get straight to the heart of the problems, including:

  • Property damage and failure analysis
  • Fire/lightning damage
  • Mechanical and electrical failure
  • Mold cause and origin
  • And other

Structural Engineering

Let us look over your architectural plans or sketches!

  • Foundation design
  • Steel structure design
  • Wood framing design
  • Concrete design

We’re ready to design new structures to your specifications, analyze problems, and create plans to modify existing structures.

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