Forensic Engineering and Cause Analysis

We’ll get to the heart of your problems and document it every step of the way.

Our services cover a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial. There’s no problem too big or too small. Our primary goal is acquiring data to help discern what factors are responsible for the problems. We often couple forensic analysis with design for repairs to get customers back on their feet quickly.

We are intent on finding data and facts to back up our analysis opinions.

Unlike many competitors, we also design repairs for these problems, saving you money and getting you back on track faster than with a secondary company.  We can often provide an estimate before a site visit is performed.

Our Specialties

Property Damage and Failure Analysis

We investigate; identify; advise; and remedy structural, mechanical, and electrical issues, including:

  • Structural damage to buildings
  • Foundation issues due to plumbing leaks and foundation movement associated with clay soil or other
  • Substandard construction
  • Weather or Catastrophic damage such as that caused by tornadoes, high winds, flood, hail and lightning.

Mechanical and Electrical

We perform evaluations for failure analysis, specific malfunctions, power surges, and storm damage.

Investigation of product failures.

Fire/Lightning – cause and origin and analysis of the structural damage with repair specifications

Two of the most dangerous elements to any structure, because even after the event is over, their effects can linger in a structure.

We perform cause and origin investigations.

We examine and analyze fire and explosion sites thoroughly.

Debris or products are collected and examined in a laboratory.

Mold Cause and Origin

We typically determine the reason for water infiltration and damage and have our associates provide data acquisition.

Air quality and physical spore sampling can be taken to determine the effects of a water loss, leak, or flood. We can then provide a remediation protocol to help clean mold affected areas.

Structural Design

As previously mentioned, we can often provide structural design to repair a damaged structure. Coupling an inspection for the cause WITH design for repairs can often reduce down-time. See some of our designs.

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The following photographs show a portion of our recent analysis: